Snowmobile Club Of Adams County

Fun for the whole family

The Snowmobile Club of Adams County was formed in 1978 and meets in the months of September through April.  We are a group of people that enjoy the sport of snowmobiling and being around other people that enjoy it.  Our club is a member of the Pennsylvania State Snowmobile Association, BlueRibbon Coalition, and the American Council of Snowmobile Association.  If you would like more information on our club and how to join please visit the
"About US" tab above.

Our next club meeting will be February 6th in Eagle Lake Maine while on our club trip.  Time and call in info will be emailed to members that are not going on the trip.

Click on the "Web Cam" page in the links above to view our new Snow Cam located near Michaux State Forest.

Also like us on FaceBook.

One of our members got a new to her Ski-Doo at the Used sled/ATV coral at the PA Power Sports Show.  All she needs now is SNOW!





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Really good old ice racing footage.

This is a really good video on safety.  It is older but still applies.

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